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Emma first joined the site two years ago, after a painful breakup with a cheating live-in boyfriend who left her heartbroken and in debt.

Her arrangements start with a mes­sage from a potential daddy that leads to e-mailing back and forth.

"I just thought, 'Maybe I'll get to go somewhere fabu­lous or on a few fancy dates.'" Soon, Abby was inundated with messages from men.

Before getting serious with Michael, she met up with six sugar daddies one 40 years her senior and although she dismissed two right away, she continued relationships with the others.

Lots of girls are jealous of Abby*, 19, a brunette business major in Louisville, Kentucky, for landing such an amazing boyfriend.

The power inequality mostly benefits the daddy," she says, "leaving the baby as powerless and dependent as her namesake."Brandon Wade, the 43-year-old CEO of Seeking Arrangement, sees a wider gulf between sugar babies and prostitutes.

"I'd been talking to a guy in Beverly Hills for months, and I told him I wasn't comfortable sleeping with him the first time we met.

He said, 'That's okay, I just want some company,' and flew me out there," she says.

Abby doesn't consider dating sugar daddies prostitution because she sleeps only with men she's attracted to.

"With the men besides Michael and one other guy, there was a blatant up-front sexual expectation, and the irony is that Michael and the other guy are the only men I've slept with," she says.

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