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If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

If you have a consumer deposit account, you can use the available balance on your qualifying credit account with the Bank to fund any overdraft amount automatically.

In general, 0 of a deposit is available for withdrawal in cash on the first Business Day after the day of deposit.

Any remaining funds will be available for withdrawal in cash on the following Business Day.

It includes all cleared and pending transactions (e.g.

holds for debit card transactions that you have authorized that have not been presented to HSBC for payment).

Regardless of whether your foreign check is converted or processed on a collection basis you understand and agree that you bear all exchange risk in the event of a returned item.

If you want to avoid the exchange risk of a returned item, you can request that the item be processed on a collection basis for the applicable fee.

By signing a contract to open any deposit account or by using a Bank product or service, you agree that these Rules, as amended from time to time, shall apply to all your deposit accounts.The available balance does not include the amount of deposits not currently available (Refer to the Funds Availability section for more information).We can cover your overdrafts through our standard overdraft practices or through an overdraft protection plan.You understand that the Bank reserves the right to pay items into overdraft, to impose overdraft fees as permitted by law, and to apply any later deposits (including direct deposits of social security or other government benefits) to those overdrafts or overdraft fees, by way of setoff.An "item" includes checks, substitute checks, remotely created checks, withdrawal slips or other in-person transfers or withdrawals, service charges, electronic items or transactions, including withdrawals made from an automated teller machine, everyday or recurring debit card transactions, pre-authorized payments or transfers, ACH transactions, telephone initiated transfers, online banking transfers or bill payment instructions, and any other instruments or instructions for the payment, transfer or withdrawal of funds including an image or photocopy of any of these.

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