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Wheelchair-bound and in a very distressed mental and physical state, she was locked up for hours in a Salisbury police cell - an act which, to this day, seems incomprehensibly and unnecessarily cruel. Summoning what strength remained, she put her affairs in order and booked herself into a suite at The Ritz - after her divorce, she had no other home, so why not the Ritz, darling?

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It was as good as hanging 'by Royal appointment' over the door.

A coincidence, indeed, that the paparazzi, alerted by anonymous phone calls, were outside the house on that very night.

Finally, it emerged Kanga was in possession of a number of letters from HRH.

What happened next remains the subject of immense speculation to this day.

While undergoing treatment there, Kanga fell from a high window, shattering her spine.

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