Canoodle dating australia

The site also lets users search by geographical vicinity — and with its mobile apps coming soon, likely in December, it will become one of several location-based services hoping to replicate the success of gay men's dating app Grindr.But bringing location-based dating to straight users — especially women — has been a tough sell, perhaps because women are leery of meeting men they don't know who just happen to be in the neighborhood.One of the most nerve-racking aspects of online dating is writing a profile — you're so consumed with anxiety and the need to be witty that it can be hard to even remember "five things you can't live without." The new dating site Canoodle hopes to ease the burden by matching people up according to things they've "liked" on Facebook."You've got your icebreakers there right away," says Sean Wood, communications director of Cupid, the U.

When users log in through Facebook, Canoodle looks at what they've liked and helps them find people who like the same things.The Tennis community is various as it includes different categories of players: men, women, juniors, seniors and wheelchair players.Tennis lovers watch the most famous and prestigious Grand Slam tournaments with great interest: the All-England Championships at Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the US Open and the French Open.And if you're a pushover, someone who just likes the things your friends aggressively suggest that you like, then Canoodle may get a more accurate picture of your friends than of you.The site does ask users to fill out a more traditional written profile as well, perhaps to get around these issues.

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