College freshman dating college senior nicole holness dating paul

But likewise, you probably know their history as well and let me tell you, it’s not the most pleasant thing to hear.Juniors get labeled “Proceed With Caution” because who knows? The cocky kind that think they are the shit, and recieve a respective ass kicking.Then there are the ones that realise they are not the shit and give proper respect to upperclassmen.

Sophomores also have an affinity for going for new freshmen girls over older girls. They’re preying on the ones who just might fall for their lame moves and honey, don’t let it be you.Freshman guys can be consumed by the idea of having that wild college experience.They might be too into the party scene and aren’t looking to settle down any time soon. Danger Ahead” label, because these young bad boys can be pretty hard to tame.These guys look at older girls like their goddesses.Oh and you can’t forget about the free diner points, ladies.

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