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A little more than a year after the first sewing-machine patent was granted, Mr.BEAN, of New-York, obtained a patent for using the common sewing-needle with machinery.

The inventive genius of man, ever alert to furnish the world with machinery for saving labor and cheapening the cost of manufactures, seemed to regard man as the only laborer, prior to the invention of the sewing machine.For a long time has machinery been employed in the different walks of life to emancipate man from exhausting toil, to quicken the wheels of commerce over laud and sea; and instead of depriving the laborer of work, it has opened new fields of enterprise and led thousands into the road to wealth.The first record in the Patent-office Reports of the invention of sewing-machines is under the date of February, 1842.This crude machine was scarcely heard of outside the Patent office, and we presume the inventor never received in return for it one dollar of the money which he expended to secure the patent.However, unprofitable as it was to him, and unpromising for the purposes intended, it suggested to other minds the further application of machinery to sewing.

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