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With a thin alliance standing and a need to take a mate, Lexa is given a chance to fix both with one marriage.

Plenty of Geeks began in 1999 and has had thousands of members come and go over this period.

For the last few years she has been in prison for high treason.

On her 18th birthday she is sold as a bargaining token by The Council to create a strong alliance with Trikru.

She dreamed of offering omegas an unlimited access to education, but the alphas at city council liked the school just for what it was: a place rich parents sent their omega daughters until they found a suitable husband for them.

Her dream of change seemed so far away, but then Dean Winchester came to her with an unusual request: take his husband Castiel as her student while he was away at war. She just knew how well this was going to go with city council.

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