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The second property we rented in the Mani, from an entertaining Greek family, was a wonderful rambling place, with an olive orchard.It also had animals: chickens, rampant roosters, a big chained-up dog called Zina, plenty of stray cats, but also water strikes, Arctic winds whistling through in winter, and Orestes, the eccentric neighbour with a hunting rifle, who used to drive us mad, firing off rounds regularly, mostly at song birds perched in his precious almond trees.When we were deciding on locations for our own Greek odyssey back in 2009, ironically, we first thought of Corfu, as it was an island we had visited many times, particularly the northern part, which has spectacular beaches and historic mountain villages, such as Old Perithia.We were quite in love with the beauty of the place for a while and its easy-going people, but in the end we decided against Corfu as, to us, it seemed the most ‘British’ of all the Greek islands because of its historic link with the UK and ironically probably because the Durrells’ association has lured more Brits there than anywhere else.I think the Durrells would have enjoyed reckless encounters with some of the local farming community in the Mani, as we did when we first settled in the hillside village of Megali Mantineia, in the shade of the Taygetos mountains.They would certainly have enjoyed our eccentric, donkey-riding farming friend Foteini, and her ramshackle farm compound.When he took his sheep out to graze nearby, he often carried a long hunting knife, for a worrying reason, which I revealed in my second memoir The southern Peloponnese is the perfect location for a glorious life on the edge, for Brits seeking more than just sandy beaches and an easy, ouzo-flavoured lifestyle.

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Wallace rewarded him and the village with a slew of antics, the odd breakout, and some distinctive barking, which I hope they still think fondly of!(In my late 30's, and he thought I was too young to be REALLY attractive!) I think that while guys don't like to admit when they have non-mainstream tastes, there are a significant number out there who find a broad spectrum of women attractive or who have fetishes for particular things that others might find unattractive.It will be out in North America shortly (through Barnes and Noble), or via the magazine’s website.I love the small illustration of Jim and I on donkeys in the Mani.

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