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Those in Texas and Louisiana, with generally conservative leaderships, could be prompted to pass this kind of legislation.

And similar bills passed in other states could be seen as safer from future litigation.

Tennessee - HB 1840/SB 1556(Became law April 27, 2016): Allows those providing professional services to deny those services based on religious beliefs.9.

Utah - SB 297Exempts state officials from having to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

"Most importantly, it would discourage lawmakers on either side of the aisle to even make those efforts to put out anything discriminatory.”In Mississippi, anti-LGBT legislation received no traction in 2017 following Reeves' ruling. Opponents argue these measures would legalize discrimination against the LGBT community.1.

Mississippi's bill includes protections for three religious beliefs: Marriage should be recognized as a union between one man and one woman; sexual relations are reserved for those marriages; and a person's gender refers to his or her biological sex assigned at birth."Ours was among the most obviously unconstitutional," Steffey said.Theriot argues that if the 5th Circuit upholds HB 1523, it will only be enforcing existing law, but if it is struck down, "obviously that would go against years, decades of precedent."Erik Fleming, ACLU of Mississippi director of policy, said the benefits of the 5th Circuit upholding Judge Reeves' decision goes beyond a legally binding decision."I would believe that any judicial action that strikes down a discriminatory law would provide a road map for other lawyers …to be able to challenge that kind of legislation," Fleming said. Supreme Court to take up this kind of legal challenge at this time. HB 1523 is one bill in a wave of similar legislation proposed or adopted across the country in the last few years.The people of Mississippi have the right to ensure that all of our citizens are free to peacefully live and work without fear of being punished for their sincerely held beliefs.And as governor, it is my duty to uphold my oath to defend the people of Mississippi and the laws passed by those entrusted to represent them," he said in a statement Wednesday. House Bill 1523 is one bill in a wave of similar legislation proposed or adopted across the country in the last few years.

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