Michigan teen dating violence survivor stories

While the National Task Force works to change federal laws, state, city, and community task forces are needed to focus specifically on the problems they see in their areas. And with African American women making up 40 percent of homicide victims, we want to focus on that community and other marginalized communities such as the LBGT community,” says Hanson. There are quite a few state and city task forces around the country and a number of examples are listed below.

From commissioner level to staff level, Hanson says the New York City task force includes people from the department of education, the NYPD, the district attorney’s office, human resources administration, community-based organizations, social services organizations, advocacy groups, domestic violence service providers and survivors. To find out if your area has a task force and public meetings, simply type your state or city followed by “domestic violence task force” into a search engine.

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“The city wants to reduce domestic violence homicides in the same way, as well as domestic violence in general.

We want to have a major impact on domestic violence.” New York City joins a handful of states and other groups with task forces that work to prevent domestic violence in geographic areas or specific communities.

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They’re similar, and they sometimes work in conjunction, but typically, a task force is a temporary group assembled to brainstorm solutions regarding a specific issue—such as the increasing rate of domestic violence-related murders—whereas a coalition is a formal, ongoing entity that may distribute funding, develop training materials, lobby local legislature and work with area media.

You can find a complete list state coalitions for domestic violence here.

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