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Some — including Oasis owner Bobby Riccio — argue that if little people want to do this kind of work, it’s their right.

And that’s true, it’s their life and it’s perfectly legal.

The team won this championship and without I wouldn't have this MVP award."After a scoreless first quarter, Manalapan drove down into the red zone where on a fourth-and-five play from the 16-yard line, Johnson carried the ball up the middle, broke through a pair of arm tackles and hurdled a safety into the end zone leading to an 8-0 lead for the Braves.

RELATED: AYF: Wall Cadets capture championship over Freehold On the ensuing kickoff, the Manalapan special teams group jarred the ball loose and recovered the fumble at the Jackson 45-yard line.

We’d be uncomfortable with simple gawking in the Barnum and Bailey style, where you pay your nickel to join the crowd and stare and point at people who are short or fat or have an extra arm or are otherwise different. We have them shoot paintballs at each other or wrestle or do magic tricks or dress up in costumes.

But people are still basically paying their nickel to gawk at the funny-looking little people.

It’s an animal instinct to gang up on the odd one out.

However, the term has fallen into disfavor, and is considered offensive by most people of short stature.

The term dates back to 1865, the height of the ‘freak show’ era, and was generally applied only to short-statured persons who were displayed for public amusement, which is why it is considered so unacceptable today.” That cuts to the heart of what’s objectionable about the event in general: Its quiet mockery of people who are shorter than usual.

But that doesn’t make the attitudes that make it possible right.

People are willing to do almost anything for money.

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