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It can fit 3 in a room and the last I knew it was about £30.

It's about 10mins walk into the city centre, and the same from the train station.

It's worth a shout fellas and if you call them first they will pick you up from anywhere in Leeds city centre for free and take you to the club.

For anyone planning a Stag or Hen weekend, besides the pubs that are actually inside the train station (Wetherspoons etc), the main drinking areas are all pretty close by.

Two of the best places to drink in the city are the Midnight Bell, a characterful Grade II listed building located in Holbeck's atmospheric Urban Village, and the unpretentious North bar on New Briggate in the city centre which has one of the finest selection of beers in the North of England.

Just around the corner from North bar, past the Grand Theatre, is The Wrens Hotel, a traditional pub serving a good range of real ales.

Hi, basically me and around 20 others are coming to Leeds on the 28th of May, so this Saturday and I've heard mixed messages of people saying you can and can't get in to bars and clubs wearing fancy dress... If you're looking for a great cheap Friday night in Leeds, Tiger Tiger is ace!

Is this true and which are the best places to go to on Leeds Waterfront?Cliché nights out in Leeds are Oceana, Tiger Tiger, Yates's etc.A Bierkeller (Bavarian bar) has also just opened in Leeds.It's meant to be amazing, but costs £10 per person for a guaranteed table and a free shot. The New Penny and the Bridge are gay bars, but there's no big nightclubs around that area though.What's everyone's opinion on the top night clubs in Leeds?

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