S2u2 clock not updating

7hltdx29ee3 For details, as usual, please read the Readme file or the next post. Cheers, A_C _______________________________ Just another bug fix release v0.98... - fixed the Landscape blank screen issue on some devices. Cheers, A_C _______________________________ Hi It's now v0.97, mainly a bug fix release... - changed the "Blank Screen" codes with higher compatibility. - changed the scrolling hehaviour of "s2u2 Settings" a little. Cheers, A_C _______________________________ Hi, Have you finished your testing with S2U2? - added option not to override the animation speed of GIF wallpaper by turning off the Gif Speed. pretend there is a slider on the screen; try to slide to unlock 2. there is a i Lock2file created under the S2U2 installed path (e.g. - fixed the issue with devices that have Landscape orientation as default. - added option Gif Endless to allow endless playback of GIF wallpaper (be warned to charge your device). If your device's screen goes black after Direct Draw is enabled, follow these steps: 1. Set Caller ID to 0 or uninstall S2U2, then soft-reset. Even Caller ID is enabled, the system callerid is still there when a call is incoming?! That's a device specific problem that is no solution yet. But if S2AEnd Key is turned on, you may reject a call by pressing the End key as well. To keep the transparent effect of some graphics, the top left corner pixel must be the transparent color; or use the ARGB PNG format. i Lock2accepts the following command switches: -slide to start/invoke S2U2 -nomsg to not to show any message even it closes itself & S2U2 -refresh to reload the registry settings & restart S2U2 -reset to reset the unread counts of SMS, MMS, email & vmail Q. - fixed the "unknown" caller issue on some devices. - fixed when S2A is enabled, the Answer key was not locked on some devices. Cheers, A_C _______________________________ Hey guys, () It's almost a month after the last update of S2U2. Make sure there is no music player s/w running in the background. If "Password/Pin Lock" or "Owner Information" are enabled to display at wake up, S2U2 may go ALL BLACK?!

- fixed a possible system hang up when an incoming call arrives after the device has been sleept for a long while. - fixed the issue of showing blurred over-sized Wallpapers. (there is no GIF file included in the CAB file as I don't want to get into any copyright trouble) - added option to select a directory for S2U2 to change the wallpapers (*.jpg) automatically; with option to control the changing period & change them randomly. - added option to change the font of the Clock (clock\, clock H\ or clock HS\). - added option to display an Analog Clock (clock A\). - Installation on Storage Card is not recommended for the sake of stability. - For hi-res devices, d/l the S2U2Clock & follow the steps in the Clock - For additional clock fonts, d/l the S2U2Clock & follow the steps in the Clock

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