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If you decide to take the position up, can give you some contacts of people your age if interested, whim me. QLD health roped you in (assuming you're a doctor by your SN)? Like the others said, Hervey Bay is a little slow and sleepy. A sea change town, and frankly i love to move there (GC sucks) I took these pictures at sunrise on freezing July morning, directly across the road from Pepper's Just take care at night time if you have to walk anywhere. A boat would be alot more fun if you were into that kind of thing.I live in Maryborough, 20 minutes inland from Hervey Bay.So be prepared for many bugs lurking around but aside from that, it should be all good. as others have said the fishing and outdoors aspect is good there.Lots of great places to go camping not just Fraser Is. It's a bit over 3 hrs from Bris, about 1.5 hrs to the Sunshine Coast. They have a great seafood festival in August (I think called the Whale Festival.Hey everyone, I am originally from Perth and have lived here for 23 of my 25 years. I know the town has a population of 60,000 and is a popular tourist destination. Questions are: Can anyone who lives there give me a run down of how things flow there and what there is to do. I went to Fraser Island many years back and it was quite nice. It is like others have said a high unemployment area and a high population of retiree's.I am currently working in Perth but have been offered a much better job in Hervey Bay QLD. Also where to rent a house/apartment so that I'm close to the hospital. I went in the summer and there will a horde of mosquitos. A lot of bogans also but many nice people so not all bad.This morning we walked to the beach(3 mins for us) and got wet, came home had bacon and eggs, then did a bit of shopping, had some lunch at a park on the esplanade, came home, did some washing, daughters having a nap and where having a bbq tonight............ Anyway, HB is a great place to be, cheap rents (where at urangan), alot of bogans, but there in EVERY town/city, at least the bogans seem friendly. We have no issues walking the streets at night, even mates that live at Pialba say its fine at that end of town, which is apparently the rough area. As others have said- Pretty boring for young people, not much nightlife or the like.

When the tide goes out in Hervey Bay it really goes out! TBH if I were you I would look for contracts/locums around regional WA rather than cross all the way to QLD into Hervey Bay. Although Hervey Bay is a coastal town it is no where near the beauty of coastal towns back in WA.

I'll be heading down to a local pub today as they close the street off for boxing day, put some live bands on and have a few beverages.

I moved to HB in august with my wife and 6 year old daughter and we love it.

I find Hervey Bay on the 'boganish' side, even the main shopping mall looks depressing and full of people seemingly from the 'lower social economic status'.

Moved back to VIC after 5 years in the Bay as kids finished High school and there are limited job opportunities and they wanted the bigger study choices that Melb has to offer.

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