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A synthesis of survey responses reveals that students from around the world believe school sex education is outdated, negative, and too focused on heterosexual activity.

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Subjects that students were dissatisfied with according to the surveys: “Their feedback indicated that having SRE delivered by familiar teachers could disrupt existing relationships with teachers; they found it awkward or ‘cringey’ to hear their teachers speaking about sex and relationships and felt that having teachers deliver SRE could potentially compromise privacy and confidentiality,” says Pound.

Effective sex education in the classroom comes with a distinct set of challenges, as it deals with personal, private issues in a public space, and both sexes reported unique insecurities when it comes to the sensitive topic of sex.“Young men are anxious about any sexual ignorance being revealed, while young women can be vulnerable to verbal harassment or attacks on their sexual reputations if they participate in lessons,” says Pound.“Meanwhile, school teachers’ lack of expertise leaves them vulnerable in lessons.

The result can be awkward, painful and unsatisfactory for all involved,” she says.

Students were not only dissatisfied with course content.

They also felt uncomfortable talking about sex and relationships with their teachers who are trained to cover regular academic subjects like trigonometry or modern history, but not sexual health.

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