Spatial updating in human parietal cortex

We conclude that updating is not restricted to brain regions involved primarily in attention and the generation of eye movements, but rather, is present in occipital lobe visual areas as well.

Single neurons in monkey parietal cortex update visual information in conjunction with eye movements.

However, when the remembered saccade target shifts to the right of fixation (left-right trial), activity in right area LIP decreases, and activity in left area LIP correspondingly increases, which shows spatial re-mapping.

Single neurons in several cortical areas in monkeys update visual information in conjunction with eye movements.

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The method is based on a nonlinear, fully Bayesian, hierarchical model that decomposes the f MRI time series data into baseline, smooth drift, activation signal, and noise.Single-unit physiological studies show that neural activity continued even after the stimulus had been turned off, which indicates that the monkeys were able to remember the location of the target in relation to the reference point (top right panel).| Crucially, when the monkey makes an eye movement that will bring a target into the neuron's receptive field (dashed circle in the top left panel), neural activity increases, even prior to the onset of the saccade.We ruled out the possibility that this remapped response resulted from either eye movements or visual stimuli alone. Our results demonstrate that updating of visual information occurs in human parietal cortex.

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