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When you first join a site, you are inundated with messages from guys who are interested in you, but after a while, things have a tendency to slow down.

This is usually because in the initial stages of a paid membership, online dating sites promote you extensively to men who would be best suited for you.

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Carr recommends a simple technique for snagging your date using the sense of sound: “just say their name”. Carr agrees with the theory and votes for perfume or essential oils to be strategically placed under earlobes, on the breastbone, wrists and ankles for the win.

“Also go for a little extra spritz in the hair if using perfume or a couple of drops of essential oil on the pubic mound (jasmine or ylang-ylang for women and sandalwood for men),” she says.

“Touch especially is an opportunity to tease, entice, comfort, suggest, or play,” Carr adds. There’s also evidence to suggest that light tactile contact increases the ‘compliance’ of any request, but especially those in a romantic context and particularly when used on a woman.

Please note: all of this sensual dating advice from Carr comes with a warning.

She tells SBS that the more serious the setting (like, say, a date), the more obvious you actually have to be to communicate your interest to a romantic partner. “Your touch communicates your desires too.” says Carr, so think about what you are communicating to your date.

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