Steve dating motorcycles

However, Erwin believes people ought to be careful of what they chase after because it's not always what it's made out to be.He sourced a study done by Knox University on people trying to attain happiness externally and others trying to attain it intrinsically.

A new exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Musuem in Los Angeles titled "Steve Mc Queen The Legend and the Cars" is shown during a press preview September 23, 2005.The study, which can be seen in the documentary "Happy" on Netflix, revealed that those trying to find fulfillment by success or beauty could never be satisfied.Erwin said "Steve Mc Queen: American Icon" shows that firsthand.He really experienced a peace that he wanted and he really wanted the world to know about it and then he found out he had cancer, terminal cancer," the Christian director explained."One of the people he wanted to meet was Billy Graham."On Mc Queen's last flight to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, where he, unfortunately, passed away, he met with the world-renowned evangelist, Graham.

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