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These are the final arrangements in a long struggle to make sure Caribbean justice is seen to be done.

In 1996, after allegations of prejudice through adverse publicity, new laws were used to empanel a jury to try the gang, and then rules of evidence were changed to allow an accomplice to give evidence against the accused.

But Marci Bowers, a gynecological surgeon in Seattle, decided to train with Biber shortly before he retired. But then Bowers moved to Trinidad, and, like so many others who come to this town seeking metamorphosis, she found it. These days, she whips around town in her silver Porsche Boxster, shuttling between surgeries and routine gynecological exams, between socializing with her Trinidad- native partner and heading north to the airport for one more stop in the parade of public appearances that now thread through her life.His younger brother Nareesh Boodram is in a cell in the same prison on a separate murder charge.Another brother was kidnapped by a rival gang and decapitated when the family failed to pay ransom.AT 6.50AM local time today the Trinidadian gang leader Dole Chadee is to leave his cell for the short walk to the state-prison gallows, where at 7am (noon in Britain) he is expected to be hanged.The authorities in Trinidad and Tobago have gone to meticulous lengths to make sure he and two of his gang of nine die today.

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