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Do you choose a popper, walker, buzzer, crawler, waker, deadstick bait or combination thereof?

Any tried and true JDM bass reel enthusiast has a special place in their tackle heart for the Shimano sub-brand of "Scorpion".

Topwater fishing is considered by many, the most exciting way to catch a fish of any species.

A couple years ago, Elite Series Pro Russ Lane showed me a bait he was working on for Big Bite Baits that kind of skirts the line between ultra-realistic and not.

We had to keep it under wraps until they were ready to bring it out, and somehow in the interim we missed the announcement. Here now is our look at Big Bite Bait's Russ Lane Real Deal Craw.

Here now is our take on Doomsday Tackle's Reaper trailer bait.

Our introduction to Fenwick's World Class series of rods was met with mixed emotions as expressed in our review of the WC610ML-XFS.

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