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Data Source property is used to get and set a data source to a Combo Box.The data source can be a collection or object that implements IList interface such as an array, a collection, or a Data Set.By using these features, we can build Google search like auto completion functionality in our Windows Forms applications.The Auto Complete Source and Auto Complete Mode properties of the Text Box and Combo Box controls allow developers to provide automatic completion text feature.Events may be fired when you aren't expecting them.For example, you expect the Selected Index Changed event of a Combo Box to fire when the user changes the currently selected item. NET forms engine may also fire the event when you are simply setting it up for databinding.Once a Combo Box is on the Form, you can move it around and resize it using mouse and set its properties and events.

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The Size property specifies the size of the control.For example, this code runs in the Load event of a form: This means that you are receiving 5 events you may not expect.If you are performing a lot of processing in this event procedure, you may be greatly slowing down the loading of your form.The code in the event procedure is executed automatically because of the "Handles" clause.The solution is to avoid using this automatic event hookup, and instead add the event handler in code after the combo box databinding is complete.

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