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So I was really, really nervous about not only going on TV and working with Patti, but also exposing my personal life. Bensimon: Going on ‘Real Housewives’ kind of stunted my dating abilities, just because I was considered to be ‘crazy Kelly.’ I can be the most beautiful person in the world, I can be incredibly educated, have great values, great kids and a great family. But at the end of the day, I’m ‘crazy Kelly.’ And who wants to bring that home to mom? But more importantly than dating, I would love to find a partner.

Fox News: Some people would say, ‘Kelly’s a supermodel. I’m so proud of my daughters and who I am, but I do come with a lot of unique circumstances. On the outside I wear mini dresses and Manolo Blahniks, but on the inside I’m a little nerdy. Fox News: In the show, you said your dream guy would be a ‘Larry David type.’ What did you mean by that? I have dated guys who were 30, and I’ve dated guys who were 60. I would love to have that next chapter, however that may be… I mean, if Kim Kardashian is having a surrogate, maybe I can! So who knows, maybe the next man I mean wants to have a ton of kids with me. Fox News: What was the biggest problem with ‘Real Housewives’?

There’s no way she can possibly have trouble finding romance.’ How do you respond to that? Bensimon: I met a lot of different men from a lot of different age groups. And I really like that New York, kind of fast-talking, fun, super creative, interesting, out of the box, pioneer maverick. Bensimon: When you defame someone’s character and reputation, you impede their ability to make money.

Bensimon: First of all, thank you for calling me a supermodel… People aren’t going to believe when they find out I have trouble dating. And when you’re a single parent, that’s not a game.

Kelly Bensimon: I really wanted to proactively immerse myself in this world of dating…

I’m going to be 50 next year and a complete empty nester.

Jessica Seinfeld's charity Baby Buggy was the charity that is reaping Pampers benefit. I ran in traffic while I was training for the marathon.

It looks cute on a dress low slung, or even on jeans.

I was nervous going on ‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ because I have been so private for so long.

I’ve been retired from ‘Housewives’ since 2011 and I haven’t been on TV in all that time. Fox News: Did you ever regret joining ‘Real Housewives’ because of how it may have impacted your love life?

Bensimon left behind reality TV in 2011 to salvage her career.

But these days, she's hoping to share her newfound success with a new beau — which compelled her to get some much-needed love advice from no-nonsense Patti Stanger on “Million Dollar Matchmaker." Bensimon spoke to Fox News about appearing in front of cameras again: Fox News: What made you want to participate in ‘Million Dollar Matchmaker'?

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