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Non-qualification for the Champions League group stages becomes a vicious circle: Without the huge sums of money earned through participation in the group stages, teams from smaller leagues have a hard time putting together a squad capable of qualifying next season.

This week, against Celtic, Rosenborg hare hoping to take a big step towards breaking this cycle.

So we have to work hard, be ambitious and try to develop.

Player for player we'll always have a hard time competing with German, Spanish, Italian and English clubs, this is obvious.

Just look at some of the transfer fees that are being paid”.

According to Bjørnebye, everyone at Rosenborg have been very impressed with how Bendtner has slotted in at the club.

One of those could be that we're good collectively and that we work well as a team”.

So far in this brave new era they've come up short.

However, replacing a dynastic manager like Eggen is never easy, and between 20 Rosenborg went through a period of changing managers more often than they would have liked, notching up “just” three league championships in the process.

The shadow of Eggen loomed large over Rosenborg managers during this period.

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