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Hence the introduction of "phasers" - fictional technology which could therefore behave however the writers wanted it to behave.Gene was also concerned that the dialogue should not be too specific about when the show was set, in case the technology seen proved too ambitious or not ambitious enough for a stated year.It has little relationship to Earth's time as we know it. When TNG came along somebody - presumably Gene - decided to have a much more sensible, logical system of Stardates.To show that the new series was set later on than the original, all Stardates were five digit numbers rather than four.Courtesy of the last episode in season 1 ("The Neutral Zone" ) we even have a real-world date for that season - in talking to some 21st century humans, Data states that "in your calendar it is two thousand three hundred sixty four." So 41000 equates to the boundary between 31st December 2363 and 1st January 2364. I further take one day to be exactly 24 hours of 60 minutes each.

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The next digit was a 1 since it was the first season of the show. None of these questions are addressed in any canon or official source that I know of.

Mitchell's date of birth is 1087.7, and he is listed as 23 years old.

This equates to 9.77 units per year, roughly equal to the value yielded by Dehner's file but also a far cry from the TOS figure.

I have seen some valiant efforts to come up with a workable way to interpret TOS dating systems.

For instance, it has been suggested that the dates are unique to the logs of the ships making them and measure mission duration, with the first two digits representing the number of months which have passed since the ship embarked on its mission.

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